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This is a recent new service that we launched at XVerify to help you learn more about your end users. We can now look up additional key information such as the users zip code, gender, marital status, presence of kids, and much more.

So how does this help you? For example lets say you are a mortgage company, and a user on your website only provides you with their name and phone number. Before you even begin to call that user you could potentially know if they are currently owning a home or renting. You also could get insight on their house hold income, and location so you have some talking points. If the customer feels you know more about them then they realize you will build trust with that customer making it an easier sale.

Just how simple is it to acquire this information? All you have to do is either run a batch upload with us or use our API. You will be able to pick and choose which points of interest you want to do a look up against, and we only charge on data that we can return back to you. All the data that we have on these users are survey data and market research data provided by the consumer themselves.

Interested in getting a free sample of this premium data? Contact and inquire about getting a sample set of premium data from a handful of your own email records so you can measure the performance for yourself.

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