Keeping up with the Benjamins…

Sending commercial email is becoming increasingly harder. The major domains are changing things to make delivery harder. IPs have a harder time staying clean. And lists seem to be hit or miss with no real reason why.

This isn’t an isolated issue, this is internet wide. Most mailers have fallen on difficult times and the days of keeping the same IPs for any length of time are getting shorter and shorter.

Mailers are trying everything to maintain their sends and stay as clean as possible. There have been plenty of ideas and concepts to inbox more and burn IPs less. All either making no difference or hit and miss, random fluctuations in their deliveries.

With data verification, records are manicured and tested to be active. Mailers, data collectors and data managers can eliminate their hard bounces, validate each record, remove temporary emails, and blacklist complainers for less than a penny per record.

And while the cost may turn some mailers away, what are IPs worth? What is inboxing worth? Consider the potential commissions earned by spending pennies today to verify data. The offset is staggering and anyone can see the obvious benefit of verifying their data.

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