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10 Benefits Of Verification

10 Benefits Of Verification

• Only mail to real email accounts.
• Increase your IP reputation.
• Make sure your customers give a real shipping address.
• Stop dialing disconnected phone numbers.
• Keep the garbage out of your database.
• Know if it is a cell phone or a landline.
• Block spam bots from your site.
• Specify which countries you want to allow on your site.
• Protect yourself from fraud.
• Reduce your lead buying expenses

LeadScoring – Whats Your Score?

What’s your score?
A service that Xverify will be rolling out with soon, will enable our clients to score their leads. This will allow you to identify your high quality leads vs your low quality leads. Businesses are ready to pay top dollar for high quality leads, so check what range your users are falling into before you attempt to sell your lists.

Similar to a grading scale we will grade what the user has provided on a scale of 0 – 100%. We will be giving you eight criteria points to check against what the user has entered into your form. These eight criteria points can be set to hold certain value based on your specification.

For example if you feel that is most important for the last name to be the same as what the user entered in your form then you can set the number of points to be higher for the criteria point “last name matches.” If everything comes back as a match the results will show a 100% match. Whether it is name matching or street address matching, Xverify gives you the control of organizing your accurate information and grading your leads accordingly.

This will be a service that sends back the information via XML format and will pretty much be just as straightforward to use as the rest of our services. Intuitiveness is a key role in our developments. We want you the consumer to be able to use these programs with the least worry so you can focus more on making money.


The better the reputation your mailing IP has the more opportunities you score of landing in the inbox. If your reputation is low, email service providers such as AOL, HOTMAIL, Yahoo, and Gmail will automatically label you as spam or junk even if your users may have opted in for your mailings.

So how exactly is reputation measured?

Spam Complaints – Each time a user marks your mail as ‘spam’ this count increases which will lower your IP reputation.
Bad email addressesSending mails to email accounts that do not exists or ones marked as potential spam traps will bring you down.
VolumeInconsistent email sending can be labeled as suspicious activity, make sure if you send in large quantities you send to that many on a regular basis.
Permanencehe longer you have been using a particular IP address for mailing, the more it is known and will help you improve your reputation.
InfrastructureYour hardware/software should comply with industry standards

Just from using XVerify services you will begin to improve your deliver-ability by increasing your IP reputation as we can test email addresses that you obtain through various methods such as lists, coreg, or user signup forms. We allow you to do real time verifications or batch uploads. We will be able to report back to you if the email address actually exists, if it is a temporary email address such as those found at, or if the email id has been flagged as a potential spam trap email address. We will be able to provide you back all of these valuable details at one a penny a piece!

The Dangers Of Spam Traps

Have you ever wondered what your IP score was? If you have interests in e-marketing your IP score can determine your ability to reach out to your market. Your IP score is similar to your credit score; it’s an indication of how legitimate your email source is. The lower your score is the more likely your emails will end up in a spam folder. Now if you’re marketing any type of business through the use of emails, ending up in your target markets spam folder will not get you very far in your marketing campaigns.

So you ask how does your IP score become compromised? Well a definite way is spam traps! Spam traps are valid emails addresses created to identify possible spammers. Along with identifying them, Spam traps are designed to when you send an email to the spam trap email; you automatically become labeled as a spammer. Thus lowering your score and increasing your chances of ending up in a spam folder! How do you know when you have an email address that’s a spam trap and that isn’t?


Our services at Xverify help protect your reputation from these types of threats. With our email verification you have the option of stopping a user from continuing through your registration process if we have identified them as a potential trap. If a potential spam trap attempts to register on your site we will send you an email notification containing the email id and the IP address that the attempt came from. At Xverify our database uploads over 5000 new possible spam trap emails on a daily basis, giving you the most up-to-date and full protection from these Spam Traps.

Going Postal!

Doing direct mail to make a sale? At XVerify we understand the costliness of direct mail advertising. Stop seeing so many return to senders come back for an invalid address. You have printing, and postage expenses that add up fast.  So why waste money on attempting to send mail to non existent addresses?

We are able to verify if the address exists upon point of entry into your web form, if there is something wrong with the address we will provide a notification to your end user so they they know what correction to make.

From having experience in the direct mailing industry we are able to apply our knowledge to offer our clients customized settings. We are aware that mis-spellings and typos frequently occur when entering an address and have a built in functionality to auto correct these issues. In cases such as putting “Rd” when it should have been “Dr” our system will auto correct this for the user, so that when you do your mailings the information that you have is more accurate.

Shielding Yourself From Fraud

The marketing industry faces a plethora of fraudulent activities, which can have a negative impact on a company; not only by means of increased costs, but also by lowering the companies over all reputation. As we are into the technology world, and want information fast many of us rely on emails for communication.


The email marketing business relies substantially on reaching a users inbox. If newsletters that companies send out to customers went from inbox to the junk folder then the business would lose a lot of revenue.  It is in a email marketing businesses best interest to protect their reputation. So how can XVerify protect the reputation of your emailing business?


Because the email business relies on the reputation of their IP addresses of the mailing servers to get into the inbox. There are many factors that go into building reputation of IPs, and it is a lot harder to build reputation rather than to lose it. One of those factors would be your bounce rate.


Did you know that after implementing Xverify you can significantly reduce your bounce rate? Our email verification checks to make sure an email address is valid and working prior to allowing the user continue the registration process. We even make sure that someone does not attempt to register with a disposable email account because this will result in a bounced mail in the future.


Another big positive about XVerify and protecting you from fraud, is that if your business is spending a lot of money on advertising then you are likely hoping to see results from that investment. But, what if scammers out there are looking to take advantage of you? They have bots that just fill up lead gen forms with false information and click submit, and you are unknowingly paying for these costs because you think it is a real lead. Don’t get burned by what really goes on in the advertising industry and take the extra step to protect yourself. You will find in return after implementing Xverify the results will pay for itself.


Attending The Daily Deal Summit

Golden Gate Bridge The XVerify team flys out tomorrow evening to go to the wonderful San Francisco, California. Some of our team has already reserved our tickets to visit Alcatraz where some prisoners such as Al Capone, George “Machine Gun” Kelly and Robert “Birdman” Stroud stayed.

We will be setup at booth #202 @ the DailyDealSummit on September 22nd and 23rd 2011, where I will be providing live demonstrations of our services and handing out information about our services. Don’t forget if you are interested in our services we are offering a FREE 7 Day trial period, so you can see for your self how beneficial the verification services are.

Benefit of IP knowledge

Location based offers have proven to be more effective than non-location based advertising. That means efficiency and more profit for your company.


xVerify allows you to check to see where a user lives by tracking his IP address without the need for GPS. Geographical targeting can be beneficial to your business.


The great thing about having a customer’s IP address is you know their location and are better able to tailor to customer needs.


With xVerify you can pinpoint your customers’ and potential customers’ locations, allowing you to send out more promotions to a specific target area.


With xVerify you have the ability to block specific users.  The system keeps out fraud and spam emails, but if you know there are certain addresses you want blocked right away you have the ability to, so you don’t have to pay for verification of leads you specify as false. It also allows you to block entire domains.

Temporary Emails

You don’t want your customers to be temporary, so don’t let their email addresses be either. Temporary emails are accounts people set up to only have an address for a short period of time. Sometimes the emails only last for 10 minutes.


People create temporary email addresses to gain access to a site with an e-mail account they have for only a temporary time. They use these types of emails to gain access to your site without having to worry about receiving follow-up e-mails. This creates a lost lead for you.


xVerify is able to detect these kinds of emails and prevent that user from registering on your site until they enter a valid e-mail. This also allows you to have up-to-date and accurate email addresses in your database.

E-mail Verification on the Fly

The e-mail verification system benefits you by ensuring e-mails addresses registered to your site are valid. xVerify can check the domain and also the inbox to make sure both exist. With this system you no longer have to rack your brain trying to figure out which addresses are valid and which are invalid.


If the e-mail address is invalid, the user will receive an error message. They will then be prompted to enter a valid account.  xVerify validates data in real time. You and your employees don’t have time to waste on checking accumulated e-mail addresses in a list. Let xVerify make sure the entered and registered e-mails are correct before they make it into your database.


As a customer of xVerify you receive a script that is easily integrated into your webpage. You can place the script into your page’s web form and activate it. It’s very simple, but extremely beneficial.