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Missed Opportunity Costs You

How much are you currently paying to acquire a lead? Each time you send a visitor to your website you are taking a chance, you don’t even know if they will take an action on your website or just close out of your page. So whether you are paying per visitor or per action you know how those costs add up. What about the customers that you paid for but were not able to connect with? There are many cases where customers make a typo in your contact form and now you are unable to email them even though they opted in for your service.

This is where XVerify can save the day and help you connect with your customers. Each email address a customer types in gets verified in real time. The way that we do this is by communicating with their email server to make sure their user name is registered. If the user is off by even just one letter we can notify the user that there is an error with their email address and give them the opportunity to make the adjustment. Once they re-enter their email ID, as long as it is now accurate we will allow the user to continue through your registration path. You will benefit by making sure the information you are collecting is accurate, you will significantly reduce your bounce rate, and overall improve your ability to deliver email communications to your users.

Upcoming Trade Shows

So recently we completed our exhibiting at the IRCE 2012, but we did not have to go far as it was in Chicago, and fairly local to our hometown. However, we have more trade shows we will be attending in the upcoming months which both be in New York!

1. LeadsCon @ The Hilton in New York – Stop by booth #112!
2. Affiliate Summit @ The Hilton in New York – See us @ meet market table #159

Reach out and setup a meeting if you are interested in learning more or meeting up face to face. If you are not already using Xverify I recommend you setup a demonstration to learn more about how we can improve your data quality, and you will get a FREE trial of our services.

Our Address Verification Service

So a lot of people have been asking, what is address verification and how is that useful? Well… Xverify cross checks the address your end user provides against the USPS database to ensure that it is a deliverable location.

In most cases of invalid physical addresses being entered it is usually because the user has made a typo, has not provided their apartment or unit number, or the user is giving a fake address to hide their identity. Once you have Xverify integrated as part of your real time data verification if the user makes a small spelling mistake we have an auto correction which will make the adjustment for the user that this way you are only getting the most accurate information submitted to your database. If the user lives in an apartment and only provides you with their street address and not the apartment number Xverify will then prompt the user to enter more information. There are also unfortunate cases where the user tries to make up a false address just so that they can breeze through your registration form but Xverify will stop these users and ask them to provide a valid mailing address.

Address verification is most valuable if you are a direct mailing company, an online shop, or just looking to have the most valid customer data. It has been proven by our clients that after utilizing Xverify they were able to weed out the fraudulent data, increase sales, and improve productivity because they were only focusing on valuable data rather than spending man hours sifting through the big garbage file.

What Can Xverify Do For You?


As shown in the illustration above, using Xverify brings many benefits to the table. If you are in the business of email marketing you are aware that it is a common struggle to make sure the email is delivered right to the inbox of your users.

In order to better protect you we have built in fraud detection which checks to make sure email IDs entered into your registration path are no temporary accounts, potential spam trap email accounts, or users who are likely to click “Spam” on the email communications you send out.

Don’t forget we also have the ability to do social data lookups. If you choose to use our API or even our batch upload service we can check each email ID to determine if it is active on a social network. If it is active, and the user has a public profile we can report back to you the users name, age, gender and location from the one API call.

All About Catch All

CATCH ALL Email Accounts

Do you ever wonder why there are times when some domains tell you an email account exists when you are certain you completely made it up? This is because that domain’s mail server is setup to automatically accept any incoming mails, and if there is not a genuine email account setup for that address it will just forward all emails to a general inbox.

This setup mostly occurs in a corporate or business environment mail server setup as a layer of security to prevent against spammers. However, Xverify is able to offer a solution. When you validate email IDs in real time with Xverify, we will be able to tell you if the email account is a catch all email ID. We are able to append this information back to you when you utilize our API.

March Updates

At Xverify we had an exciting time out in LeadsCon seeing familiar faces of many of our existing clients as well as meeting many new potential customers. We gave away breath mints as our promotional items … not that we are saying your breath is bad! The experience at the Mirage hotel and casino was very pleasant and the food in Vegas was great!

We got a lot of great feedback from many of the attendees who stopped by our booth. We have learned that many consumers are interested in validating phone numbers and addresses of other countries, as of right now on Xverify we are only validating data within the US, therefore we are looking to expanding that as soon as possible. We also recieved a large number of requests to be able to provide reverse data look up for mobile phones as well as provide the carrier data. Attending the trade shows really allow us to have insight to what our prospective customers are looking for.

We also have some new exciting enhancements that went live this month. We now have the ability to connect to more social networks which means in some cases we may be able to provide you with your users first name, last name, age, gender, and location from just checking the email address.

Additional Layers of Security

Is security on your mind this year? Since it is the start of a brand new year we want to put security on the front burner, and are soon to roll out with a new service called phone confirm. When you use phone confirm it assures you that the user gave you a real reachable phone number that belongs to them.

How does phone confirm work?

Your user enters their phone number, and presses a button such as ‘call now’

Your user receives a phone call where they will be provided with a random PIN number

The user must enter this PIN number into your website to complete the process

Adding phone confirm to your site promotes an additional layer of security for real time verification, as well as decreases the amount of incoming fraud or chargebacks you may experience as a business. Don’t forget the other benefits of confirming phone numbers with Xverify. You are automating what once was an important and manual identification process; you can eliminate multiple accounts that are using the same phone number, and much more.
Whether you have a marketing business, run a social networking site, or maybe manage an online store then phone confirm would be of high level importance to you.

Happy Holidays From Xverify!

                Holidays are great opportunities to spend time with your family, but while you are at home enjoying your time your website is still up and running. Who is there to monitor that incoming data? Don’t wait until it is too late to find out that your automated system has already started pushing emails to bad email accounts.

Implementing Xverify to check your data in real time will make sure that the most accurate data gets inserted into your database the first time. Did you know we allow you to create your own black lists too? Think of it like Santa’s naughty children list! Block specific email IDs from registering or block entire domains!

So, while you are thinking of good gifts to get for your friends and family don’t forget about your business. Give your company the gift of Xverify and see the benefits you deserve. Price starts at only one penny a piece and goes down according to volume. There is no minimum requirements and no long term contracts.

While we are in the season for giving Xverify also wants to give to you! We are providing a FREE 7 day trial up to 10,000 verifications if you schedule a demo before 2012. Give us a call now at 1-866-903-1964.