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Keeping up with the Benjamins…

Sending commercial email is becoming increasingly harder. The major domains are changing things to make delivery harder. IPs have a harder time staying clean. And lists seem to be hit or miss with no real reason why.

This isn’t an isolated issue, this is internet wide. Most mailers have fallen on difficult times and the days of keeping the same IPs for any length of time are getting shorter and shorter.

Mailers are trying everything to maintain their sends and stay as clean as possible. There have been plenty of ideas and concepts to inbox more and burn IPs less. All either making no difference or hit and miss, random fluctuations in their deliveries.

With data verification, records are manicured and tested to be active. Mailers, data collectors and data managers can eliminate their hard bounces, validate each record, remove temporary emails, and blacklist complainers for less than a penny per record.

And while the cost may turn some mailers away, what are IPs worth? What is inboxing worth? Consider the potential commissions earned by spending pennies today to verify data. The offset is staggering and anyone can see the obvious benefit of verifying their data.

What’s Next?…Premium Data!

With the need for data verification on the rise we have been hearing an increased demand for data append. We are looking to launch a great solution to being able to provide crucial customer data called XVerify Premium Data which will return information such as marital status, occupation, household income, and much more.

Businesses constantly want to learn more about their users/clients to enhance targeted marketing or for analytical purposes, but it is also important to wisely select who will be doing your data appending. At XVerify our goal is to provide you with accurate results because we understand that even a minor mistake can result in a big impact.

XVerify will be a one stop shop for your data validating, and appending needs. It will be simple for you to upload a list of email addresses select the areas of interest that you want to append back, and we will email you when your file is complete and ready to download. We will also be launching it for our API so as you are validating your information we will also append back to you, your unique areas of interest.

The great thing is that it will be flexible. You don’t have to use the same data set match up every time. Each time you upload a new file you can configure your batch settings to look up against a different set of records. Same goes with the API…if your company runs multiple domains you will be able to customize which data look ups you want to do for that particular domain.

This new service is expected to launch prior to 2013, if you have any questions or would like to acquire more details please reach out to

Avoidance of the Spam Folder

Learn How To Stop Your Email Campaigns From Hitting Spam Folders & Black Lists

If your business is to send out email communications it is important to monitor and measure how those emails are performing. You invest a lot of time in monitoring how many emails you send, split testing, open rates, click through rates and more, but what happens when users are unable to see your message. Perhaps you wake up one day and suddenly your messages are no longer delivering to the inbox but instead you are now hitting the users spam/junk folder. This is going to take a huge toll on your revenue. In order to help educate you on how messages get sent to spam folders, you can take steps to prevent this from happening.

How do emails get to the spam folder?
Have you ever wondered how your email provider chooses to push emails into the junk folder without you requesting the email to go into the spam folder? Well much of that depends on users. Major email providers such as Gmail monitor feedback from their users, and if a particular email gets marked by a certain percentage of its users as spam they will apply a global rule where all mails from that particular sender will be pushed to the spam folder. This is a common reason why many email marketing senders will try to ask you to whitelist them. When you whitelist a sender you are essentially telling your email provider that the emails from this sender are something you are certainly interested in. Once Gmail reaches the threshold to apply the global rule they are also adding intelligence to their system to start looking for similar emails from other senders. One way to help avoid this is to make sure you are sending to users who are generally interested in what you have to offer. Possibly you acquired a list of data from a third party, and you decide to mail on that data blindly%u2026 this may not be a good idea. Before you send such an email you should always cleanse your data to make sure the accounts are in existence. The best thing you can do is partner up with a good email cleansing source such as XVerify which can also use unique methods to identify users who frequently report email campaigns as spam.

Not only do emails get an automatic push to the spam folder by having users report emails as spam, but it is also dependent upon the content that is inside of the email that you are sending. There are also common keywords that can flag emails as suspicious and get them immediately pushed into the spam folder. So next time you start to plot your next email campaign make sure you avoid keywords such as “risk free”, “sales”, “profits”, “100% satisfied”, etc. . If you are interested in learning more about keywords that are spam triggers check out a long list that can be found It’s also not a good practice to think you can get around that and attempt to place some of those keywords inside of a graphic image. Email services such as Gmail, is already a step ahead and uses optical character recognition (OCR) to prevent spam words being used in images as well.

What could be worse than going to spam?
Not getting your email delivered at all, and this is commonly what happens in the event that you start sending emails to spam traps. Spam traps are also known as honey pots and believe it or not there are several different kinds on the web. Basically, a spam trap is a way for the email service providers (ESPs) to determine who is sending spam. They are able to identify this by having email IDs that are not registered by users so they know those accounts should never receive emails because no one has opted in for any mails. If the trap email accounts start receiving emails it sends a red flag to the ESP where they can immediately blacklist that sending server.

If it is important to you to maintain a good delivery, then you should always mail to an opted in list and try to avoid list buying at all costs. However if you have data you are not sure about or you are paying for traffic to your website I would highly suggest you verify and clean your data at point of entry before it contaminates your data base. XVerify offers a real time data verification solution which will help identify some of these spam traps to enable you to continue to have clean delivery.

How do you know if you are currently blacklisted?

You can check some sites such as which is a free service you will just need to enter the IP addresses that you send mails from to do an accurate look up. You can also check out which is does a look up of about 97 various blacklists. One of the most popular blacklists is SPAMHaus has created a monitoring network which hosts millions of spam trap email addresses.

What do you do to get removed from a blacklist?

Some of the common steps you can take are to first identify if you are actually on the blacklist or if the emails are just getting filtered to the junk folder. Testing is the best way to do this, you will send your email campaigns out and then look to see which domain is not getting them. Once you have confirmed you are on a black list the first thing you should do is make sure your server is not sending any unauthorized emails. To help identify this, check the amount of volume you are emailing, try to identify compromised accounts, check for emails that send to one account and then forward to another account. For a better reference to learn how you can remove yourself from various blacklists (yahoo,gmail,msn, etc.) check out

What is the best practice?
The best practice is to send to a safe list, and use a double opt in method to ensure the user is going to want your emails. Use these methods in conjunction with a real time data verification service such as XVerify to ensure the email addresses you are receiving at point of entry are both legitimate accounts, and not temporary email IDs, spam traps or some other kind of high risk account. Even if you are only capturing your data in real time and not buying lists you still run the risk of acquiring bogus data.

Missed Opportunity Costs You

How much are you currently paying to acquire a lead? Each time you send a visitor to your website you are taking a chance, you don’t even know if they will take an action on your website or just close out of your page. So whether you are paying per visitor or per action you know how those costs add up. What about the customers that you paid for but were not able to connect with? There are many cases where customers make a typo in your contact form and now you are unable to email them even though they opted in for your service.

This is where XVerify can save the day and help you connect with your customers. Each email address a customer types in gets verified in real time. The way that we do this is by communicating with their email server to make sure their user name is registered. If the user is off by even just one letter we can notify the user that there is an error with their email address and give them the opportunity to make the adjustment. Once they re-enter their email ID, as long as it is now accurate we will allow the user to continue through your registration path. You will benefit by making sure the information you are collecting is accurate, you will significantly reduce your bounce rate, and overall improve your ability to deliver email communications to your users.

Replace Your Use of Captcha

Are you using a captcha on your webform to try to keep spam at bay? While that may be beneficial to keep spam away, do you know what kind of damage you are doing to your conversions. Even web savvy young people are annoyed at captchas because they keep retrying, and many users on the internet who fill out your forms have basic computer skills and have a higher chance of just dropping from your website and not returning.

If you are looking for a solution to using Captcha, XVerify can be a good answer. Because we verify your user data such as the email address, phone number, and physical address we are eliminating junk or spam data from entering your database. If the information a user enters is incorrect or the user makes a typo by mistake, we will display an error message which will give the user an opportunity to make the correction. We also have built in protection where if a user enters too many failed attempts we can block that specific user by their IP address for a specified amount of time. This will prevent spam bots from trying to attack your website with malicious data.

Interested in learning more about what XVerify can do? Setup a demonstration by calling 1-866-903-9164 or submitting an inquiry via our website. We do offer free trials, and help you get integrated, so don’t delay call today!


Upcoming Trade Shows

So recently we completed our exhibiting at the IRCE 2012, but we did not have to go far as it was in Chicago, and fairly local to our hometown. However, we have more trade shows we will be attending in the upcoming months which both be in New York!

1. LeadsCon @ The Hilton in New York – Stop by booth #112!
2. Affiliate Summit @ The Hilton in New York – See us @ meet market table #159

Reach out and setup a meeting if you are interested in learning more or meeting up face to face. If you are not already using Xverify I recommend you setup a demonstration to learn more about how we can improve your data quality, and you will get a FREE trial of our services.

Our Address Verification Service

So a lot of people have been asking, what is address verification and how is that useful? Well… Xverify cross checks the address your end user provides against the USPS database to ensure that it is a deliverable location.

In most cases of invalid physical addresses being entered it is usually because the user has made a typo, has not provided their apartment or unit number, or the user is giving a fake address to hide their identity. Once you have Xverify integrated as part of your real time data verification if the user makes a small spelling mistake we have an auto correction which will make the adjustment for the user that this way you are only getting the most accurate information submitted to your database. If the user lives in an apartment and only provides you with their street address and not the apartment number Xverify will then prompt the user to enter more information. There are also unfortunate cases where the user tries to make up a false address just so that they can breeze through your registration form but Xverify will stop these users and ask them to provide a valid mailing address.

Address verification is most valuable if you are a direct mailing company, an online shop, or just looking to have the most valid customer data. It has been proven by our clients that after utilizing Xverify they were able to weed out the fraudulent data, increase sales, and improve productivity because they were only focusing on valuable data rather than spending man hours sifting through the big garbage file.

What Can Xverify Do For You?


As shown in the illustration above, using Xverify brings many benefits to the table. If you are in the business of email marketing you are aware that it is a common struggle to make sure the email is delivered right to the inbox of your users.

In order to better protect you we have built in fraud detection which checks to make sure email IDs entered into your registration path are no temporary accounts, potential spam trap email accounts, or users who are likely to click “Spam” on the email communications you send out.

Don’t forget we also have the ability to do social data lookups. If you choose to use our API or even our batch upload service we can check each email ID to determine if it is active on a social network. If it is active, and the user has a public profile we can report back to you the users name, age, gender and location from the one API call.

A lesson on lead scoring

Sometimes it is necessary to know more information about your end user, and if you are collecting several key pieces of information you want to make sure you are getting quality data. With leadscoring we are able to find out additional details about your user and then cross reference that data with the information the customer put into your web form to create a unique score.

Based on the scoring criteria you setup in your admin settings your returned results will be unique. Lead scoring is also important to businesses who resell leads, it allows them to attach a price value with each lead they sell. So they can measure the high quality data from the low quality data,meaning most or all data the customer provided was matching would result in a high score, and the low quality data would result in lower scores. We even do a check against where the user is located and their IP location! To get a free demo or learn more call Xverify today at 1-866-903-9164.