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Invitation to our free webinar

As email marketing continues to grow, so too does the amount of fraud a marketer can receive. If left unchecked, things such as your IP reputation could take such a hit, that it would take you months to try and recover. The key is to protect your business on the front end and to not let that fraud into your database where it can do the most damage. Like we always say, prevention is better than the cure.

With our built-in Fraud Guard features, we provide the most extensive and thorough protection from many different types of fraudulent email ID’s. Whether it’s protecting you from disposable/temporary ID’s, high risk ID’s, or complainers/screamers, we make sure we snuff it out before it ever hits your database. Join us this Thursday, June 13th, 2013 at 2pm EST for an exclusive webinar where we will discuss how and why fraud occurs as well as the best ways you can combat it.

Email Auto Correct

We are proud to announce we have launched a new feature called Email Auto Correct. There are many cases where users quickly type in their email address for example and we would generally mark this as an invalid email ID because the customer made a typo when entering the domain. Clearly in this example the user would have intended to type, but dropped the letter “h”.

Now you will have the ability to enable Email Auto Correct under your “Email Settings” tab. When you do this we will be able to fix common domain typos and formatting issues when obtaining email addresses. This new feature will work with both our Javascript and our API integration. This is exciting news because you will no longer have to tell the user the email address is no good due to a minor domain typo.

Please review our updated developers documentation to learn about how to capture the new API response if you are interested in enabling that feature. If you need any assistance with development or inquiries related to Email Auto Correct please reach out to

The latest on Premium Data

Check out our PR on Premium Data.
This is a recent new service that we launched at XVerify to help you learn more about your end users. We can now look up additional key information such as the users zip code, gender, marital status, presence of kids, and much more.

So how does this help you? For example lets say you are a mortgage company, and a user on your website only provides you with their name and phone number. Before you even begin to call that user you could potentially know if they are currently owning a home or renting. You also could get insight on their house hold income, and location so you have some talking points. If the customer feels you know more about them then they realize you will build trust with that customer making it an easier sale.

Just how simple is it to acquire this information? All you have to do is either run a batch upload with us or use our API. You will be able to pick and choose which points of interest you want to do a look up against, and we only charge on data that we can return back to you. All the data that we have on these users are survey data and market research data provided by the consumer themselves.

Interested in getting a free sample of this premium data? Contact and inquire about getting a sample set of premium data from a handful of your own email records so you can measure the performance for yourself.

Spammers NOT Welcome

As we are in the business of email verification it is important for us to be selective about who we do business with. We support the bigger picture and want to help with eliminating spam not aiding it. We only work with clients who produce their own data, not clients who acquire lists from data brokers. Quality data comes from OPT in data, and this is where you will find the most valuable and highest performing data.

Our goal is to help our clients business grow by following e-mail marketing best practices and helping prevent end user typographical errors. We strongly suggest that our clients implement our services in real time so they are protected before the bogus data even hits their database, however we do also provide batch upload services for those that are less technically capable. We have turned away a lot of business from clients who said they only have data which was purchased data.

We take a lot of steps to ensure you are getting clean, quality data if you acquiring leads in real time. One of the advantages that XVerify offers is that we have a huge list of complainers that we help our clients identify. This is going to significantly help you reduce your complaint rate on your email campaigns.  This information is very useful so that you can choose to omit these users from your mailing list or choose to treat them as extra sensitive clients and email to them on a much less frequent basis. At the end of the day XVerify is proven to aid you with improving your senders score/IP reputation for better email campaign delivery. Using XVerify in coordination with email marketing best practices is the real recipe for success.

US and Canadian Address Verification

Ready to validate postal addresses? XVerify can validate any address within the US and CAN to make sure it is a valid deliverable address by the United States/CAN postal service. These look ups are done in milliseconds which means super-fast response times so we can prompt your user if they provided an inaccurate address.

The benefit to your company is that you will be able to reduce money on wasted postage. If you are currently not pre-proofing addresses and just printing out correspondence to mail you will likely get a lot of returned mail. Not to mention the expense of printing additional materials and overhead costs.

One of the advantages XVerify’s address verification brings to the table is the ability to autocorrect information on the fly. We understand that when a user is filling out your lead gen form it can be a lot of information and the user just wants to go through it quickly and frequently makes mistakes. If the user types Dr. instead of St. we will be able to auto correct this so you are getting the most accurate information the first. We are also capable of correcting minor misspellings as well.

In addition to having typos occur we also have found many end users who live in apartment buildings but forget to provide their unit number details. In this case we can let you know if the user has left off this additional piece of important information so that you can decide how you want to allow the user to proceed when you use our API.

In fact our system is so intuitive that we can update addresses to where the mail should be delivered. For example a customer may live in a condo building but all the mail gets delivered to a main mail box. We would be able to update the address to the main mailbox along with the condo’s unit number to ensure the postman gets it to the right place for sorting.

We have recently made additional improvements to our system which allows for POBOX numbers to be validated. Perhaps there could be some reason why you don’t want to accept POBOX’s and you can configure that directly in your dashboard.

Overall address verification keeps you in communication with your customers. Know you are collecting the right postal addresses the first time when you implement XVerify.

Confirmed OPT-IN

We work with a wide variety of businesses that all have their hand somewhere in email marketing. Whether it be an online retailer, an insurance company, or even a blogger but what all these types of clients have in common they want to be able to reach their users. Email marketing can be sensitive, there are so many factors involved to get your campaigns to deliver to the inbox of your recipients. We recommend that you use a confirmed opt in method for best deliverability.

What is confirmed opt in (COI)? This is a method that requires your recipients to verify they did indeed sign up to receive communication from your company. Generally the way this works is that your subscriber will get an initial email that they must respond to before they are successfully added to your mailing lists. This confirms that your email addresses that have been added to your lists are legitimate, and that you have the email address owner’s permission to send them email correspondence. In some cases you may be familiar with this practice also called the double opt in method (DOI), however there is also a negative definition of the term double opt in so be careful how you use it.

The benefit of using this confirmed opt in method means these are recipients who are highly interested in hearing from your company. This means the users will be more engaged, they have a higher frequency of opening and reading the message you are sending. They are also more likely to click links inside of your email which will drive up your revenues and improve your senders score. The more user interaction you are getting the more likely you will consistently deliver to the inbox.

Our email verification at XVerify works hand in hand with your confirmed opt in method. Because we are able to check it in real time at the server level this will help you make sure you are sending to active email accounts and eliminate the number of hard bounces your initial welcome mail sends. The more you reduce your bounce rate the better your sender score will be. By combining both best practices of using data verification coupled with confirmed opt in with improve the overall impact of your email campaign delivery.

Tips to make sure your emails get read!

After you have already cleaned your list through XVerify, and are ready to get down to business with sending out your E-mail campaign remember these important steps to email delivery success.
1. Sometimes a BOLD subject line is required.
Many busy individuals only have a few moments to skim and scan through their inbox, and are likely to delete or skip over the ones that are not of their interest. Be bold and grab your users attention with catchy subject lines such as “I need your opinion”, “Read and Reply”, “Waiting for your Response”

2. Your FROM field.
If you are sending a mass-marketing campaign make sure you are clearly indicating the name of your brand/company. A customer will feel there is more trust if they recognize your brand. In some cases it is acceptable to use the FROM field as a person’s full name, but this works best when you are sending to a small segment. We advise it is best to avoid this practice however because it may cause you to get pushed into the SPAM filter.

3. Safe Senders List
If you are running a website, it’s a great practice to constantly remind your users to white-list your email address. This way you can guarantee you will be hitting their inbox rather than their spam folder.

4. Send Regularly
Send email communications to your list regularly, but don’t go overboard. The more a recipient sees messages from your brand then it may spark their interest to actually open a mail before your fourth attempt. If you send your emails too frequently you run the risk of users unsubscribing from your list, or marking your message as a spam. If users flag too many messages as spam it can negatively impact your ability to reach the inbox.

5. Timing is also important
If you are sending an email newsletter out to your customers timing can be crucial. It is advised to mail in the early mornings because many internet users check their personal accounts before they head out the door to go to work. Statistics have shown that most emails are opened outside of standard business operating hours, and opens tend to be at the highest on Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Concerned about Phone Number Fraud?

I’m sure we have all been on the web and where we come across a web form that asks for personal information such as our phone number, but do you always give your real phone number? Many times the user does not want to provide a real phone number and might punch in something like 614-666-2222. But, can your web form recognize this is not a real phone number? Its formatted like a real phone number, it has a Columbus Ohio area code, but in reality it is not a registered phone number.

XVerify helps you overcome this common problem by running a super fast check to find out if it is a real phone number. If it is not we can throw up an error message as your user is still in the process of completing your web form which requests them to provide an accurate email address. Thus ensuring you are getting good contact credentials.

Perhaps you are an e-commerce website, and concerned about fraud. Maybe you want to set up your system so that online purchases over a specific dollar amount should have a higher level of verification. At XVerify we can also do phone confirm. This is a service where it ensures that your user actually has access to the phone number they provided. In this case what happens is after the user enters their phone number and clicks a “verify” button we actually send through an automated phone call and provide them with a unique PIN number. They would then enter that PIN number into your website to confirm they successfully received a phone call. Now, you have piece of mind that you will be able to gain access to that customer through the phone number they provided. On the up-side you also have the ability to upload your own custom voice greeting that your user will hear when they receive the phone call.